Year 9 City Curriculum

In preparation for Year 9 City Curriculum program, Leading Constable Leigh Johnson recently gave students an informative talk on safety in the city. Students were given tips about navigating public transport and city streets safely and the correct etiquette for walking around the city. A parent briefing was also held on June 21st at the College.

The dates for the program are:

  • 9A, 9B: Tuesday 25/7- Friday 28/7
  • 9C, 9D: Tuesday 1/8 – Friday 4/8
  • 9E, 9F: Tuesday 8/8 – Friday 11/8
  • 9G: Tuesday 15/8 – Friday 18/8

During the week students undertake:

  • An ‘Amazing Race’ designed to give them an overview of the city
  • A run around the famous ‘Tan’
  • Visits to RMIT for some university and tafe exposure, the Holocaust Museum and The Shrine
  • City trails with their designated group

They catch the train in each of the four days of the program. They are assessed according to the Personal and Social Capability of the Victorian Curriculum.