Welcome to Sunbury College, a 7-12 secondary college in the north-west of Melbourne. The township of Sunbury is renowned for its sense of community and the school has been central to that community since 1960.

Our college is committed to working alongside our school community. Students, teachers and parents working positively in partnership with shared goals for high educational and wellbeing outcomes. Our partnership with the school community is lived through our values of respect, responsibility, resilience and endeavour.  Our values filter through all aspects of our schooling life.

We focus on the provision of a challenging curriculum, with constantly evolving educational programs and learning experiences that ensure our students are future-ready and equipped to contribute positively and actively to Sunbury and the wider community. We are very proud of the depth of academic opportunities at our college and the high expectations we have of all our students.

Sunbury College focuses on the whole student and has extensive programs in music, student leadership, outdoor education, wellbeing and sport that add great breadth to the learning experienced by our students and builds their connectedness to our school community.

We have expert teachers who work closely alongside each other in Key Learning Area teams and in Professional Learning teams and are committed to providing challenging and differentiated learning opportunities that allow all students to be extended. They use data strategically to measure performance and use reflective processes to support the ongoing development of teaching and learning strategies that maximise student growth.

At Sunbury College, we offer a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment.  Our Year 7 Significant Teachers, Connect Teachers, Year Level Coordinators and Junior, Middle and Senior Sub-school Leaders offer a range of academic, wellbeing, pathways and transition supports.  Our Careers and Pathways Team and Wellbeing Team provide additional support and learning experiences across the college with in and out of class programs and one-on-one support.

We are committed to the growth of all students across the college to maximise their academic potential and contribute positively to our community.

Craig O’Bree


The Sunbury College values are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Endeavour


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