Sunbury College, with a student population in excess of 1050, is situated in the heart of the growing township of Sunbury, 35km north-west of Melbourne. Expectations of both our staff and students are high. The College enjoys a strong connection with the local community. We pride ourselves on our commitment to ‘knowing your child’ both academically and personally.

The College offers a rich and engaging curriculum that challenges and equips students with the knowledge and key learning skills required to succeed in a rapidly changing global community.

Our students thrive on the co-curricular opportunities provided by our leadership, sports and performing arts programs.

The College has a distinctive uniform policy, a strong code of conduct and clear expectations that all students display cooperation, trust, tolerance and respect for self and others. In this positive environment, students develop strong constructive relationships with staff, each other and their community.

Our goal is that all students graduate as responsible and resilient young adults, having made lifelong friends and ready to succeed in a world beyond school.