Sunbury College is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of students by providing a respectful safe and caring environment.

The College Student Wellbeing team comprises:

  • Wellbeing Coordinator. The Wellbeing Coordinator leads the team and wellbeing initiatives, undertakes some counselling of students and maintains connections with outside agencies. The coordinator works closely with School Leaders to ensure there is support for students who are experiencing difficulties.
  • The Counsellor works with individual students and makes necessary referrals for ongoing support.
  • The Chaplain builds links with students through participation in school programs and undertakes one to one discussion with students or small group activities with students in areas relevant to their expertise. They refer to the Counsellor or Coordinator where appropriate.
  • Two Youth workers. The Youth workers provide activities for students that promote inclusion and engagement with the school. They also participate in co-curricular activities to build positive relationships with students.

The range of issues facing young people are quite varied including, but not limited to, social issues, family separation or loss, study or organisational difficulties, child abuse and mental health issues. By working together with local agencies, the team has developed a network of reliable referral options for young people if necessary.

Student Wellbeing works closely with teaching staff to deliver a variety of wellbeing related programs for each year level. Smaller evidenced based programs include social skill development or self ‐ confidence groups. Guest speakers assist in the delivery of programs.

We are a lead school in DET’s Respectful Relationships initiative which has is designed to combat gender inequality and family violence.

During School

Students can receive support at school by making an appointment themselves or through a referral from a member of the teaching staff.  They can also request support through one of our two youth workers.

The College is part of the ‘Doctors in Schools Program’ and students can access medical services as part of this program on the day when the doctors are in residence at school. Again, this is by appointment only. They can access a ‘Mental Health Plan’ through this service which can then enable students to access counselling services through an outside agency.

Outside School

If students are in need of counselling or support outside of school, there are numerous services offered throughout our local region. These include:

  • Sunbury Youth Centre: Phone – (03) 9744 2602
  • Sunbury Community Health Centre: Phone – (03) 9744 4455
  • Hume Youth Counselling Service: Phone – (03) 9205 2200
  • Headspace: Phone – (03) 9027 0100
  • Local GP: A local GP can be consulted for a mental health referral and mental health support.

Crisis Support 

If you are in a crisis and cannot engage with one of the options listed above, there are several organisation that deal with crisis situations regarding mental health and other issues affecting young people. These include: