Sunbury College Instructional Model – GENAR

We are excited to introduce our instructional model GENAR (Goals, Engage, New Learning, Apply and Review), which frames how teaching and learning will occur at Sunbury College. GENAR was developed throughout 2019 by staff and students to underpin the delivery of curriculum at Sunbury College. When creating our instructional model, we looked at best practice research, the context of our school and the needs of our students.

GENAR has now become embedded in our classrooms, supporting both staff and students with a common language and a common framework for learning. GENAR guides students and teachers through the learning process, while still allowing for individual learning and teaching styles in the classroom.

Throughout 2019 we supported students in developing their role in the learning process by running student workshops where students successfully developed a series of questions they can be asking themselves at each stage of GENAR to make sure they are successful in their educational endeavours.