The College is highly committed to providing students with access to relevant, timely and reliable careers information and counselling.

The focus is to provide wherever possible a tailored program to suit individual needs. The College aims to be both flexible and willing to investigate any opportunities that benefit our students.

The Careers and Pathways Coordinator is responsible for developing and implementing careers education, providing careers counselling, supporting the organisation of the Work Experience Program, maintaining a library of relevant, timely materials for student use and managing the College VET program, developing Vocational Education and Training Programs and School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships. They work with the VCAL Coordinator to ensure VCAL students have relevant Work Placement opportunities. The Coordinator is also responsible for liaising with the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre and in-servicing students on: application procedures for tertiary courses, how tertiary offers are made and how the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) is used in this process.

Students are able to access a well-resourced careers room. They are encouraged to come and browse through resources, use careers related computer programs and discuss issues with the Careers and Pathways Coordinator. Students also receive assistance with the completion of specific application forms related to gaining admission to courses or for work positions.

Distribution of Careers Information to students is via a fortnightly post on Compass.

The posts contain useful information for students and their parents to assist them when; looking for work, work experience, TAFE/University courses, developing their resumes.

The Careers Coordinator counsels students on a wide range of issues relating to subject choices, career choices and alternatives to school. The process is very much aimed at providing students with all the relevant information and allowing them to make informed choices about their lives. Students may make appointments to consult with the Careers and Pathways Coordinator and sessions can be on an individual or group basis. Parents are often also involved in discussions and may make appointments at any time throughout the year.

Work Experience Program

The College offers a Work Experience Program to Year 10 students in a two-week block. Students from other levels are able to undertake work experience in certain circumstances and after consultation with the Careers and Pathways Coordinator.

Vocational Education & Training (VET)

VET covers a variety of vocational courses based on agreed national industry competency standards. That is, the course provides training in specific competencies needed to undertake a particular job. VET includes: TAFE courses, traineeships and apprenticeships.. Students undertake a range of VET programs including TAFE Tasters and full Certificate courses. These courses are delivered to students in conjunction with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). VET programs are delivered at the College in Year 10, 11 & 12 in a variety of areas such as Business, Screen and Media, Music and Sport and Recreation. Students also undertake VET programs in Electro-technology, Building and Construction, Hair and Beauty, Animal Studies and Plumbing at TAFE. Some students undertake school based apprenticeships in areas like Automotive, Early Childhood and Sport and Recreation, in conjunction with their schooling. Some students also undertake traineeships through their retail jobs that can contribute to their senior Certificates.

Managed Individual Pathways (MIPS)

The College has put in place a number of support students to assist them in planning their career pathways. The students develop a Career Action Plan in consultation with the Careers team at the College. The plan is used in discussions students have about their career choices. The Careers Team aims to ensure each student has an intended pathway and plans events that will not only help with career development but also foster student personal growth and skill development. The College has also implemented Destination Tracking procedures that better enables the Careers Department to assist ex-students when required.

My Individual Pathways (MIPS Online)

The My Individual Pathways (MIPs) Online allows students to create their own profile and document individual Career Action Plans for the duration of Secondary School.

Plans are used by the school to help with course counselling.

Start your Careers Action Planning

Below are links to a series of short video clips that will take readers through an introduction to MIPS Online as well as an overview of sections contained within the MIPS Online program such as ‘The Basics’, ‘My Goals’, ‘My Work My Community’ and ‘My Review’. We urge students and parents to view these clips as a way of becoming familiar with how MIPS Online assists students with their self-development encourages career exploration and helps develop career management skills.