The College currently has 114 staff including Teaching, Administration, Information Technology, Integration Support and other Support and Maintenance staff.

Our staff group is diverse with a good mix of graduate and more experienced teachers. All staff are encouraged to undertake regular Professional Learning related to their teaching knowledge and practice. A number of staff under take the role of VCE exam marker to deepen their knowledge of what is required for successful performance at this level.

Leadership roles aim to reflect the strategic intention of the College and can vary from year to year. Principal, Assistant Principal and Leading teacher roles are appointed via state wide competitive applications.

Currently, the Leadership structure is as follows:


2 Assistant Principals
Responsibilities: Teaching and Learning, Engagement and Wellbeing, Facilities, Day to day school organisation, Student Management, Communication, School events

9 Leading Teachers
Responsibilities: Teaching and Learning, Literacy, Senior and Middle Schools programs, Daily Organisation, Student Connections, English, Pathways and Transitions, Policy Development

7 Key Learning Area Leaders
Key Learning Areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities, Languages, The Arts and Technology

7 House Leaders
Responsibilities: Student Management and Support, House promotion and connectedness

Other Leadership Roles:

Student Wellbeing Coordinator
Responsibilities: To lead school based student support measures and to provide links with community based organisations.

Integration Coordinator
Responsibilities: To support the learning of students funded for specific needs and to lead support staff who work with these students. This role also involves working with families and teachers to develop and implement individual education plans.

Inclusive Practices Leader
Responsibilities: To work with non – funded students and families who have specific learning needs and to work with teachers to develop effective strategies in the classroom that promote inclusiveness and maximises educational outcomes.