Students from Year 7-12 undertake a broad range of subjects and opportunities in the areas of The Arts and Technology.

At Sunbury College, The Arts encompasses studies in, Drama, Dance, Digital Art, Media Studies, Music, Photography, Visual Arts and Visual Communication. Technology subjects encompass studies in, Design Technology (Food, Textiles and Wood subjects offered) and Digital Technologies (a mix of computer based subjects offered including Computing, Digital Technology and Interactive Digital Media).

All courses follow the Victorian Curriculum and provide a balance between practical and theory work, allowing students to develop practical skills as well as furthering their knowledge about each area of study.

At Year 7 and 8 the College aims to introduce students to a range of subjects via core semester blockings. They study Drama at Year 7 as part of the transition process, allowing students to develop cooperative work skills. They also study Digital Technology to build their skills in using different windows based programs. Students enjoy developing their cooking skills in Food Technology. The focus at Year 7 and 8 is to build skills and in Art there is an emphasis on building drawing skills to ensure they are prepared should they choose to go continue with their studies in later years. At Year 8, students experience more the design based technology subjects and develop an understanding of how before a finished product can be produced, a design brief needs to be completed. They learn the design process that involves the identification of a real need and articulate this into a design brief. They research and problem solve as part of the design process. In Music, they develop skills in music reading, playing and composition. The College also offers the Certificate II in Music (VET) from Year 10.

Subjects offered in The Arts at VCE: Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Media Studies and Drama.

Subjects offered in Technology at VCE: Computing, Computing – Software Development, Food Studies, Interactive Digital Media (VET), Product Design and Technology (Textiles).

Productions & Performances

Sunbury College has a strong program of musical performance giving students an opportunity to perform before varied audiences both locally and in the broader community. The College has a long history of annual musical productions, involving students from all year levels and staff from all faculties. The Arts and Technology faculty also runs an annual Art and Technology show ‘Show Off’ that highlights student work to the local community.

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